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Welcome to Jigglypuff.biz.ly the biggest up-to-date Jigglypuff fansite in years. Jigglypuff.biz.ly is always updating, check out the SHOP or JIGGLYSTUFF where you can purchase new Jigglypuff products from Hot Topic. Also check out the POKEMON PINK (PPV) page and support it. Get Jiggly!

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Jigglypuff.biz.ly updating on the ugly banners that have suddenly appeared. A lot of people seem to be unhappy with them and be sure they'll be gone within the next couple months OR you can donate and make them go away ASAP. It's only $10 for an entire year, so if 20 people donated $0.50, that could work. Otherwisethe banners will be up for a couple months, just ovelook them.

Jigglypuff.biz.ly updates! Created a new Blog page! The blog will share all the news you can handle on Jigglypuff and other Pokemon stuff. Check out the newest and first blog on a Diamond and Pearl Follow-Up Here. Also added the new PPV Campaign Page you can check that out on the Pink Pokemon page. More to come on the Pokemon Information page soon!

Jigglypuff.biz.ly updates in Get Jiggly! Which is an exclusive Jigglypuff.biz.ly feature that surveys you. a new Blog in progress, this blog will keep everyone in on the Jigglypuff news, like where to find hot new Jigglypuff items and great new games featuring him.
P.S. Happy Birthday to Victoria Beckham!

Jigglypuff.biz.ly updates in Jigglystuff. The Shop has been deleted and added to the Jigglypuff Stuff page which is now just Jigglystuff. Added Hot Topic products. Coming Soon: Jigglypuff Cards, Video games, and more.

Jigglypuff.biz.ly updates in Pokemon and on the Home Page.

Jigglypuff.biz.ly is a new website. Please note that it's still a bit under construction but should be completed is the next couple of days.

Jigglypuff is a Balloon Pokemon

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    Jigglypuff featured in Video Games

    Nintendo Game Boy Color
    * Pokemon Red
    * Pokemon Blue
    * Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition
    * Pokemon Silver
    * Pokemon Gold
    * Pokemon Crystal
    * Pokemon Pinball
    * Pokemon Trading Card Game

    Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    * Pokemon Ruby
    * Pokemon Sapphire
    * Pokemon Emerald
    * Pokemon FireRed
    * Pokemon LeafGreen
    * Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

    Nintendo DS
    * Pokemon Diamond
    * Pokemon Pearl
    * Pokemon Trozei
    * Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    * Pokemon Ranger
    * Pokemon Ranger Batonnage

    Nintendo 64
    * Pokemon Snap
    * Pokemon Stadium
    * Pokemon Stadium 2
    * Super Smash Bros.
    * Hey You, Pikachu!
    * Pokemon Puzzle League

    Nintendo Gamecube
    * Pokemon Colosseum
    * Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
    * Pokemon Channel
    * Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Nintendo Wii
    * Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    * Pokemon Battle Revolution

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